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Core Expertise
JLA Investigations & Security’s mission is to provide professional and confidential investigative and security services across its entire range of core competencies.
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About Us
Core Expertise
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Core Competencies/Expertise
JLA Investigations & Security’s core competencies in Computer, Cell Phone and Digital Evidence Forensics along with Executive Protection services are listed below;

Digital Evidence Forensics
Encompasses the full range of digital evidence forensics accomplished by our digital forensic investigators. JLA’s core competency of digital evidence forensics spans all key areas of the digital evidence forensics spectra including, computer forensics, cell phone forensics, computer network forensics and security, IPOD, IPAD and Macintosh systems forensics. The types of operating systems that are included within this core competency of our computer forensic expert are; Windows, Apple/Macintosh, UNIX and Linux.

Litigation between corporations is becoming a fact of life for the modern business. JLA Investigations and Security uses only the latest techniques for preserving, searching and analyzing data which may become information/evidence within any E-Discovery procedure.

Expert Witnesses
JLA Investigations & Security LLC’s forensics experts have over twenty (20) years of experience testifying as expert witnesses in federal and state courts. JLA’s experts have testified as experts in seven (7) States within the United States in subject areas including but not limited to, IP Spoofing, Network Intrusion, Computer file forensic analysis, Evidence tampering, File and system alteration, computer and network security.

Trial Preparation
JLA Investigations & Security LLC’s investigators are all proven and experienced interviewers and report writers. JLA Investigator’s pursue every case as if it will go to trial.

Executive Protection
JLA Investigations & Security LLC’s team of investigators and security experts are all retired Federal Law-enforcement officers who collectively have over 80 years of experience protecting individuals, sensitive information and property. This network of professionals can be expanded as needed to adapt to any domestic executive protective situation.

JLA Investigations and Security’s experience with complex investigations and protective situations is among the best that there is. Each investigator has over twenty (20) years’ experience in the field as a practitioner. JLA is committed to excellence in service to our customers which include; local, federal and state government entities, corporations, law firms and private persons.